Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Must Have Been Smoking Crack When...

I decided to sign up for a Window Shades Class.  That's right.  I, who have just barely learned to sew a straight line, signed up for a "How to Make Your Own Window shades Class".  The class is designed to help you learn how to create Roman, Balloon, London, and other various types of shades.  We can bring our projects to class with us and the instructor will help us create them.  Depending on how much time we can devote to the project on our own, we should be able to complete 2 or 3 shades (I have 4 for the room I am focusing on.  The same room that Phillip is working on right now).  Actually, the project will not require a sewing machine - everything is hand work.  YIKES!  I can barely sew on a button...and it certainly does not look good when I finish.  This is going to be interesting to say the least...

I guess I better hurry up and decide on my fabric story.  Which means I also have to hurry up and make a final decision on the wallpaper.  I have to have all of this decided and the fabric purchased for the shades by next Wednesday evening's class.  What have I gotten myself into??

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Trina Turk Spring Line

I am so completely crushing on Trina's Spring '09 line! I don't know if it is because she has all of those fabulous bright colors or I just love the way the photos are styled...whatever the reason, I am drooling! But alas, how can I even think about spring when it is ZERO DEGREES here. Sigh.

Notice the adorable tights in the above picture? I love the idea of the tights paired with this dress...and the cute little shoes. I might be able to get away with this look at the toddler park...

Phillip and I are talking about a vacation...I could always use a cute little sun dress.
I love the pencil skirt styled in such a resort sort of way! And the green ROCKS! And there are those tights again!
Zebra trench coat, vintage looking sunglasses and an adorable hat?! All of my favorite things!

Video Wednesday - Whatever Happened to Natalie Merchant?

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This song was never one of my favorite 10,000 Maniacs songs.  But somehow hearing it again, now that I am a mother, this song really bothers me.  It makes me teary eyed to think of the children out in this world that don't have it as good as Parker.  

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dakota Fanning in the Next Twilight Movie?

Hmm...I am pretty happy that our little Dakota is considering the role as Jane in the next Twilight movie, New Moon. I am a huge fan of Dakota's. I think she is an amazing actress - and she is not even quite 15! But the role that they are considering her for, Jane, is such a small part in the book. It makes me wonder what direction Mr. Weitz is taking the movie. Since Dakota would undeniably be the BIGGEST and most RESPECTED actress in the entire cast (I love you Rob, but other than the one Harry Potter movie, you have not done much to be noticed other than be incredibly good-looking and have AWESOME hair!), I would like to think that Mr. Weitz will make her role in the second movie bigger than what it actually is in the book. Personally, I couldn't be happier about that! (SPOILER ALERT! If you have not read New Moon yet and want to, don't read the rest!) The second book is probably my least favorite of the entire series. I feel there is WAY TOO much Jacob in there and not enough Edward. We don't even get to read about Edward until the second half of the book, for the most part. Yuck! Jacob is way too juvenile for me to dedicate 200 pages. Clearly, I am "Team Edward". Dakota's character, Jane, is in the second half of the book with Edward in Italy. I am inclined to believe that the movie would focus more on that part...which means less Jacob. Yeah!

I am definitely interested to see what Chris Weitz is going to do with the next movie...and it will certainly help that he will have a much bigger budget for special effects. I don't think I could sit through another 2 hours of bad vampire make-up and poor special effects...come on! I could practically see the wire on the jumping and running scenes in the forest! Cut the cord all ready!!

Are They Any Good?

Are any of you familiar with the Banana Republic non-iron men's shirt? I have not heard anything about them, but if they REALLY don't need to be ironed, I want to buy a bunch for Phillip. I hate ironing more than anything else (I would rather clean the toilet - yuck!). Let me know if you have any information on them - comment or email me. Are they any good?

Rug Sale at West Elm

Rugs are so expensive, so I thought I would make sure you knew about the rug sale going on at West Elm - in case you needed a rug. The sale is 20% off all rugs. They have a few styles, mostly modern and ethnic in styling. But with a bit of imagination, at least one rug in the selection will probably work with your decor. The ones I selected below are some of my favorites from West Elm's selection.
The Alhambra Rug has a great modern Moroccan look to it! This is the type of rug I want to use for our master bedroom (when and if we ever get to that project! Sigh!) This style can be used in so many different types of decor - modern country, south west, modern, eco-chic, ethnic...
I am a firm believer that EVERY home has a spot that could use a zebra print rug. This style will go with EVERYTHING! I would snatch this one up if it was available in black and white as well as the brown and white you see above. I plan on using a zebra rug when we work on the guest room that will be decorated in pinks. The room will be ultra feminine, so the zebra rug will help tone the girlishness down a bit.

The Andalusia rug's design will also work with many different styles. I particularly think the red color is very nice and can think of a few friend's homes that the rug would look nice in. This rug also comes in the classic color palette brown and white.

If there wasn't so much snow outside my front door right now, I would consider this indoor/outdoor braided rug for our front porch. Phillip will be finished with the front porch project by the end of summer. With any luck, we will also have the front yard landscaped! But there is too much snow to think about this right now...

I am seriously considering this zig-zag rug for the upstairs hallway. I wanted something that had a zig-zag or chevron print. It has been difficult to find one that is small enough for the space I have. I also need one that is a flat weave since I have so many doors that open out into the hallway. The doors won't open over most rugs with a thicker pile. This rug would be perfect for me if it wasn't trimmed in red. I think it will still work though, seeing how red is my favorite color and I can't seem to help myself by adding pops of red in every room somehow. I really don't think I will find something better for the price. I will think about it over-night...

If you think you need a rug, check out the sale!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Reason to Learn How to Knit

Can you imagine driving down the road and all of a sudden coming across this tree that someone knitted?  I would probably crash my car from shock!  But I love it!!  It is so cheeky!  Of course I wish I could do this to my tree...but first I need to know how to knit...and a tree in our front yard wouldn't hurt either (which we don't have).  I wonder what our neighbors would think?  

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sweet Treats for Valentine's Day

Now that I am finished with Parker's birthday, Valentine's Day is on my mind. I received a great email from Fancy Flours, a great baking supply online store, that had all sorts of eye-candy Valentine inspiration. Their sweet treats are so gorgeous! I would love to get something beautiful like this as a gift...even more, I would love to be able to make something this gorgeous - as long as it tasted as good as it looks!

A sweet little spin on the typical Christmas gingerbread house. I never thought of a Valentine's house...oh the things you can do with sweet little hearts!
I wish it would snow pink snow...wouldn't that be a sight?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Video Wednesday - Travis versus Britney

I recently posted a video from one of my favorite bands, Travis.  I had the pleasure of seeing them in concert a while back, and they certainly did not disappoint.  They were so fun to see live - they weren't so serious.  Besides a lot of dialogue, at the end of the show, they played a lot of covers that made the show quite fun.  They did not sing this song...but I am not surprised that they played this.  I must say, I love this version just as much as the original.  Totally puts a different spin on the song, don't you think?

And now for the original - Britney Spears.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy First Birthday Parker!

I was busy most of last week planning Parker's First Birthday. Can you believe that he is all ready 1 years old?!? We did a Mickey Mouse theme for his party. Every morning, when we are getting ready to go to the gym, he watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He always stops whatever he is doing to watch Mickey Mouse. I think he loves Mickey's high pitched voice and songs.

My Mouseceteer - can you believe he kept his ears on for most of the party?

The kids playing games. Eventually, the ball broke the chandelier in the room. Luckily, it is a light that I was planning on replacing as soon as Phillip is finished with the remodel project.

The gang watching Parker and me open his gifts.

Since Parker wasn't too interested in opening the gifts- too much going on- the other kids wanted to help.

Tiana, Joe, Jess and baby Chloe. Everyone had mouse ears! What great sports our friends are!

Bradly and Parker say "Cheese".

Jess and Joe wearing their mouse ears.

We had a local bakery make Parker's first birthday cake - chocolate of course! I wanted a Mickey Mouse head, thinking that would be easy...but no one could make it. Something about copyright or some silly thing. I personally don't understand that since I could go to Michael's Craft Stores right now and purchase a Mickey Mouse cake pan this very second...if only I could decorate cakes. Well, I guess that is on my list of things I need to learn now.

Katie, Parker and I - singing Happy Birthday to Parker. You should have seen the look on his face. he didn't know what to think of all the hoop-la.

The big ice-cream project that Phillip was out of town for the past two weeks made their debut at Parker's party. They were yummy.

Instead of a Mickey Mouse head, this is what I got. It isn't exactly what I had in mind...but I am very particular about the details of my events. The cake tasted very good regardless. I suppose I will give the bakery another chance next year, but I will have to be more involved in the design of the cake. I am sure they will hate me...
If there was ever a doubt that he wasn't my son before...there certainly can't be a doubt now. Mmmm, chocolate cake! Parker absolutely loved the cake. He couldn't get enough.

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!! Mommy loves you more than you can ever imagine!

I Am Seriously Crushing on these floral tights!

A while back, I read a post from Cherry Blossom Girl (a fantastic styled blog concerning all things vintage and french) regarding floral tights and instantly fell in love with the images. I have always loved this look. It is one you find in magazines often, but I have found it incredibly hard to find floral tights for grown women in the U.S. I think that leg wear is an excellent way for a woman to express her femininity and personal style. Unfortunately, unless you want grey, brown or black, it is difficult to find other colors, much less floral prints (now I realize that this past season or two there has been a bit more of a variety in leg wear then what us American women are used to seeing, but you know what I mean...).

But then the heavens parted and the flood gates opened! Urban Outfitters had the cutest pair of floral tights for sale - and I am getting them! Now if it will only get warm enough to wear them here in Minneapolis...

(Urban - floral tights)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Do You Ever Look Up?

Oh My Goodness!!  I was in the kitchen feeding Parker breakfast just now and for some reason, I looked up.  What I saw absolutely grossed me out.  I noticed that the ceiling fan in my kitchen was piled with a ton of greasy dust, probably collected over the past 3 years or more.  I know I certainly did not clean it when I first moved in (morning sickness got in the way of a lot of my moving-in cleaning).  I realize that our house has pretty high ceilings, but this was unforgivable to not notice earlier.  I immediately thought of all of the entertaining we have done in our home and was mortified to think of all the people that might have noticed the filth but where too polite to say.  
Needless to say, today I am on a mission to look up EVERYWHERE.  So far, I am not liking what I see.  If you haven't looked up in your own home for a while, be prepared.  This stuff sneaks up on you! 

Video Wednesday

Sorry for the lack of posts again.  Phillip has still been out of town for work.  He is finally home for a while.  Hopefully things can finally go back to normal.

(Ben Folds & Regina Spektor - You Don't Know Me)
A friend of mine recommended this video when I posted about the top videos of 2008.  I have always thought this song was cute, so I was happy to share the video with you all.  I love how it is a bit quirky.

(Kate Nash - Foundations)

I love the styling of this video...especially the animation of the everyday objects.  Again, a bit of quirkiness in this video.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Adorable Baby Blocks

Are these not the cutest blocks?  I found these on Martha  The directions look pretty simple, so I think I might give it a try.  I love that I can personalize these to Parker's interests.

The Wearstler

One of my favorite designers is Kelly Wearstler.  This woman rocks!  Not only is she an awesome designer, but the woman is fearless when it comes to putting together an outfit -a trait I admire and envy...just watch Top Design (the only reality TV I watch religiously) and you will see what I mean.  I found an article about Kelly that I thought I would share with you from one of my favorite sites, 1st Dibs...check it out!  It gives us a bit more insight to Kelly and her beautiful rooms...and she likes The Cure!  A woman after my own heart!

What I Have Been Up To This Past Month - Part 4

At last, my final post about what we have been up to this past month while we were all sick.

I think I might have mentioned it before, but we did not get a Christmas tree this year.  I know, I know...a complete sin, especially for Parker's first Christmas.  Seriously, we were all too sick to go get a tree.  I did not want to take Parker out in this cold.  I kept thinking "soon", but soon never came.  Luckily, Santa did not have to worry about merchandising his gifts too much since Parker won't remember it anyways.  I will be ready for next year though...I finally broke down and purchased a really nice fake tree.  I know, I know...a fake tree does not sound like me.  But seriously, who wants to go out looking for a stupid tree in this weather?  Apparently, it is sooo cold here that the tree branches are frozen while the tree is tied up.  You need to let the tree stand upright for a couple of days without the ties before you can decorate need to let your tree thaw out!  What in the world!!!  I certainly never had to do THAT in Vegas.  Boy, the things I never appreciated when I lived in Sin City.
I think it is safe to say that he was pretty excited about his new sweatsuit.

Lucky boy...most of the presents were for him.  All of you were VERY generous to him.  Parker thanks you all.  It ended up taking Parker 3 whole days to open everything.

My sister, being the rocker chick that she is, got him this little drum and music set.  It is one of those toys that he loves and I don't.  Let's just say, "Where's the aspirin?"

The boys on Christmas morning.  

Video Wednesday (on Saturday)

OK, quite possibly the cutest video I have ever seen.  But seriously, could you expect anything else but cute from Travis' Fran?  He is just as cute as a button.  As soon as I saw this video, it made me think of my own little rock-n-roll baby, Parker.  I think this will be my theme song I will sing to him over and over again.  By the time he is 18, I am sure Parker will be sick of this song.

(Travis - Closer)

I love all of the dancing in the grocery store.  There are so many times I am in the supermarket and I hear some cheesy song playing quietly in the background.  I always catch myself singing or swaying to the music.

I definitely think Travis is one of those bands that should get way more attention than what they get.  I mean come on, I can totally hear this sound on VH1...and their videos are always so cute. For the life of me, I don't understand why they haven't gotten more attention.  They are also great to see live, so if you ever get a chance to go to their concert, take advantage of it.  Fran is so entertaining...a total goof ball.  Not at all the stuffy, serious type.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Where's Parker?

From the very beginning, Phillip and I played peek-a-boo with Parker, throwing one of his little rags over his head and calling for him, eventually taking it off with a bunch of fan fare and such. He always enjoyed it. One day I was vacuuming and threw one of his rags off to the side. I didn't notice first, but he grabbed the rag and began to play peek-a-boo on his own! I was so shocked...and it was so cute. I was cheering so loudly for him that I am sure our neighbors heard. Unfortunately, Phillip was at work and missed the "big event".

This past month, while we were holed up in the house sick, Phillip managed to tape a short clip of it for you all. The quality isn't very good, so sorry.

What I Have Been Up to This Past Month...part 3

Phillip and I waited till Christmas week before we took Parker to meet Santa for the first time. We planned on doing it sooner, avoiding the crazy crowds, but as you know, our whole house-hold was sick for most of the season. We went to the old Macy's downtown. It is one of the old-fashioned department stores that is independent of malls and shopping centers. They had the entire 8th floor devoted to the North Pole and Santa. The theme this year was the "Day in the Life of the Elf", leading us down a path from the beginning of the Elves' day all the way down to meeting the big guy in red himself. It was very well done and I can only imagine how many hours and how much planning had to go into merchandising something like that.
Parker and I sitting at the North Pole Christmas tree.
This little piggy was twirling around, helping to decorate the North Pole tree. I thought it was so cute...I have a thing for pigs...probably why I love pug dogs so much.

Santa's toy shop busy at work. Personally, I thought the elves's looked a little evil, but the kids seemed to like it.

Parker and Phillip waiting in line to meet Santa. It wasn't that bad. I think we waited for an hour or so (considering it was two days before Christmas, I thought that was pretty good). Parker loved all the lights and activity around him.

Parker took all of the commotion in stride. He handled the waiting better than Phillip.

Is this not one of the cutest pictures ever? When we were finally up to meet Santa, everyone was concerned that Parker (because he is a baby) would start crying once he met Santa. I wasn't worried. Parker does not know what the word "stranger" means (a cute thing now, but could be worrisome later). He instantly took a liking to Santa and hung out with him for a while. We had so many cute poses of him with Santa that it was very difficult to choose. I only wish that I had the good sense to plan ahead and have a Santa picture for my Christmas card (not that I was even able to get those out this year, but you know what I mean).

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Wallpaper - What Do You Think?

I mentioned in the post below that I plan on wallpapering the wall Phillip's monstrous TV will be on. Hopefully, the paper will help prevent the TV from looking like one big black hole (or at least not so obvious). I thought that a printed wallpaper would cause a nice distraction to the TV...or perhaps a black background paper to help hide it. I don't plan on papering the whole wall - just framing a large section (maybe 10 feet or so) with picture molding like a large piece of artwork.

It was fun looking through all of the paper books, though I had a good idea of what I was looking for. I have narrowed it down to 6 possibilities.
This was the only paper from a line that I had not heard of before and unfortunately can not remember the name right now to share with you. The picture does not do it justice. The print is actually textured with some sort of foil that changes color as your perspective moves. One moment it is black on black, then blue, then green and here copper. This is by far the most masculine paper I selected. As suspected, it is one of Phillip's top choices so far. I thank the sales guy to suggesting it to me or I would never have found it.

I love this print because it is so busy. With so much going on, the TV will have to "fight the competition"to stand out-plus it uses a lot of the colors I am incorporating in my design on the lower level.
This is one of the papers I preselected before I went to the paper shop. It is from Designer's Guild. I am a HUGE fan of everything DG. Tricia Guild utilizes all of the traditional Rococo styling and mixes the prints and colors in such modern ways. In this paper, the little dots are a light gold. I think this paper would look so crisp against the light blue of our walls. Phillip really liked this paper as well.

A beautiful traditional looking paper from Nina Campbell. I thought with the black background, the TV would get a bit lost. Also, the white flowers lends to the crisp black and white feeling,but in a more subtle way than the previous paper. I also like the moss green in the leaves as I intend to incorporate that color with fabrics throughout the house.

Another Nina Campbell paper that I had preselected. This image is from the Domino Decorating Book. (By the way, I STRONGLY recommend getting this book if you spend any time decorating your house, no matter what your design level is.) I like this paper for all of the same reasons as the above paper, except this one has more light blue in it. That is nice since the walls of my living room and the family room are light blue.

This picture is very misleading. The background is black as well, but with more of a brown/red undertone. There is also silver foil in some of the flower leaves. I actually just added this one into the mix at the last minute, but I was surprised that Phillip has this listed as one of his possibilities.

I should get the actual samples in a week or so. Then we can actually hold them up to the space we will use them in with the wall color. Hopefully we will make a good decision. What are your thoughts? I would love to hear them. Email me or comment here on the blog.