Monday, January 5, 2009

What I Have Been Up to This Past Month...part 3

Phillip and I waited till Christmas week before we took Parker to meet Santa for the first time. We planned on doing it sooner, avoiding the crazy crowds, but as you know, our whole house-hold was sick for most of the season. We went to the old Macy's downtown. It is one of the old-fashioned department stores that is independent of malls and shopping centers. They had the entire 8th floor devoted to the North Pole and Santa. The theme this year was the "Day in the Life of the Elf", leading us down a path from the beginning of the Elves' day all the way down to meeting the big guy in red himself. It was very well done and I can only imagine how many hours and how much planning had to go into merchandising something like that.
Parker and I sitting at the North Pole Christmas tree.
This little piggy was twirling around, helping to decorate the North Pole tree. I thought it was so cute...I have a thing for pigs...probably why I love pug dogs so much.

Santa's toy shop busy at work. Personally, I thought the elves's looked a little evil, but the kids seemed to like it.

Parker and Phillip waiting in line to meet Santa. It wasn't that bad. I think we waited for an hour or so (considering it was two days before Christmas, I thought that was pretty good). Parker loved all the lights and activity around him.

Parker took all of the commotion in stride. He handled the waiting better than Phillip.

Is this not one of the cutest pictures ever? When we were finally up to meet Santa, everyone was concerned that Parker (because he is a baby) would start crying once he met Santa. I wasn't worried. Parker does not know what the word "stranger" means (a cute thing now, but could be worrisome later). He instantly took a liking to Santa and hung out with him for a while. We had so many cute poses of him with Santa that it was very difficult to choose. I only wish that I had the good sense to plan ahead and have a Santa picture for my Christmas card (not that I was even able to get those out this year, but you know what I mean).


Kelly said...

Ok clearly adorable but is he ever getting hair ;)

Jen H. said...

That Santa picture is pretty dang cute. Looks like a commercial for something!