Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Video Wednesday - Meiko

I thought this was a pretty cute little video. I loved the bear, but after a while it started creeping me out.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Parker's Big Boy Car Seat

Now that Parker finally turned one, we were able to buy him a bigger car seat.  It was a good thing too!  He was way too tall for his other car seat, but with the laws what they are, he had to stay in it until he was one.  As usual, I had Phillip choose the seat...he seems to enjoy researching consumer reports and stuff like that.  Supposedly the one he picked is "top rated" and should grow with Parker for a while.  I just look at the seat and think it is huge.  When Parker is in the seat while driving around, it looks like he has his own personal Lazy Boy in the cracks me up.

Great Fabric from Cicada Studio

I am loving the new graphic designed fabric from Cicada Studio's Etsy shop.  So graphic and fun!  I only wish there was a black and white fabric, especially in the zig zag.  It is just the right amount of modern print that I want to add to my black and white medallion print wallpaper for the family room.

Cicado Studio's Earthly Delights series also has some nice prints in it.  I like the light blue and green in the two above.  I think the above two fabrics would be adorable as a little apron or something.

Monday, February 16, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

Since we could not find a sitter for this weekend, Valentine's Day was pretty uneventful. I ran a few errands and Phillip worked on his room project for a while. It is probably for the best since Parker has been going through a whiny phase right now. On Sunday, I met a bunch of the girls for lunch and then the movie, He's Just Not That Into You.

Now, I have not read the book yet - only skimmed a few chapters. I have to read it in bits and pieces because every time I do read it, I get mad at some guy I dated (or married) and get mad at myself for making such cliche mistakes. I could not figure out how the book could translate into a movie. But I must say, the movie was surprisingly cute. Though, I do not recommend that you go on a date night to this could raise a few issues. Go with a bunch of girl friends and you will all have a good laugh. I promise you, every single one of us have had at least one of the scenes in the movie, or some version of it, happen to us. Go see for yourself. It just might make a light bulb turn on in your brain..."Why didn't I see this before?!? It is so obvious!"

Perfect Little French Chairs

(images from Fabulousmess's Shop on

I am loving these chairs on Etsy right now. So vintage, so French, so different. They probably are not the most comfortable chairs to sit on, but does that really matter? I can easily see them in our house! The problem is, I all ready have way too many chairs (4 chairs that need to be recovered), so the last thing I really need to spend our money on is more chairs I don't know what to do with. Still, these chairs are so sculptural...I love them. Check out the other items at Fabulousmess' shop on Etsy - lots of vintage items and reupholstered items.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to you all!  I hope you all spend the day with the people that are most precious to you.  I will be spending the day with my little family.  Hopefully the weather will continue to be decent (for February in Minnesota) and we can take a nice stroll outside.  And of course, eat lots of chocolate hearts!

Poor Little Guy

I could not help but laugh when I saw this...of course I don't agree with it. Unfortunately, all of my big Valentine's plans were screwed up when I "lost" a week recently. Even the toddler V-day party is canceled. I feel so bad about it, but I try to remember that Parker will not remember - yet.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Searching for...

Well, I am trying to find a light for the family room that Phillip is currently working on. Right now, there is a cheap chandelier that came with the house. I absolutely hate it, it is so generic looking. Besides, now it has to be replaced thanks to some overly enthusiastic boys on Parker's birthday (Thanks boys! Now Phillip has to agree that we need a new light.). Since the light in my living room is very modern, I want the light in the adjoining room to be completely opposite, but I can't seem to find one that I like. Of course, while I have been searching high and low for this light, I have found lighting for every other room in the house. I have particularly fell in love with the light below.

It is SO different from any other light I have seen. It would be great in my entry way. I found this light at 1st Dibs, a great antique site that has some great items. Unfortunately, this light has a very HIGH price tag. So I can only lust after this light.

If any of you have any lighting suggestions for my family room, please share. You know how to contact me.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Video Wednesday

(Murder on the Dance Floor - Sophie Ellis Bextor)
Kelly introduced me to Sophie Ellis Bextor a few years back with this song, Murder on the Dance Floor. I luv, Love, LOVE this song. It is just so catchy! And the video cracks me up. Kelly always said that the video reminded him of me because I am so COMPETITIVE, especially on the dance floor. And come on, the part where they do the hustle cracks me up! By the way, love her shoes!! And the bracelets she is wearing. Sophie is always so stylish.

(If You Can't Do It When Your Young - Sophie Ellis Bextor)

I love Sophie's hair in this video. Now that my hair is finally getting back to normal (it was falling out like crazy after my pregnancy. My hair was really thin. I even had a bald spot!!), I hope that I can grow it out to style it like Sophie has here. I have always loved this style. Feminine, retro and classy. Angela, if you are reading this...please make a mental note the next time I see you at the salon. Thanks!! :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Window Shade Project

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I had a momentary lapse of insanity and signed up for a How To Make Your Own Window Shade class. I was originally planning on making shades for the room that Phillip is currently working on. But once I tried to come up with a design concept and fabric choice I started to panic. I could not come up with a plan that I was happy with and I felt all sorts of pressure to hurry up and make a decision in time for my next class (class is every Wednesday night for 6 more weeks). I finally decided to make a shade for the library nook in our home. Keep in mind that Phillip probably won't even be able to work on this room until next winter, but I have all ready decided to wallpaper the small nook in one of the papers I was considering for the family room we are currently working on. With that decision made, a fabric choice and design came pretty easy. Now hopefully I will be able to make it look like a custom piece and not some cheap thing...we will see.
This wallpaper is designed by Nina Campbell. I love her designs, so traditional and very English...perfect for a library nook! With the black background on the paper as well as all of the dark wood molding from the fireplace and bookshelves, the space will be quite dark and cozy - completely opposite of the rest of the open main floor with the light blue walls and black and white wallpaper. The paper will be one of the first things guests will see upon entering the house, which will eventually set the tone for our home (once our house is done...someday...).

The shade fabric is from the new Amy Butler line. I am a huge fan of Amy's and have mentioned her a few times all ready on the blog. The fabric is actually light grey and white (not so creamy like on the above picture). I think this fabric will lighten up the darkness of the rest of the room - especially since the window is about 56"wide x 75"long! Directly under the window will probably be a mirrored vanity desk, which will also reflect a lot of light.

Goodness, I all ready have most of this room designed and furnished, and I haven't even begun the room Phillip is working on or finished the living room yet. It is so hard to focus on one room at a time...I am such a Gemini!

Finally Decided on Wallpaper...

Well, it took a while for me to decide, and truthfully and am still wavering, but I have come to a final decision on the wallpaper I want to use for the family room. I went with one of my first choices, the Designers Guild wall paper. Hopefully the print will be big and bold enough that is will help take some of the "eye sore" out of Phillip's HUGE TV that will go on this wall. I think the black and white will look nice with the light blue on the walls. The paper definitely has both a traditional and a modern feel to it...perfect for my decorating aesthetic.

Progress Report on Phillip's Latest Project...

As most of you know, Phillip has been working on the dining room of our house, which we will use as our family room once it is completed. He has come a long way since my first post. He has all ready dry walled most of the walls, patched holes, sanded plaster, primed and even replaced baseboards and began the first coat of paint! He has also changed out some outlets from a two outlet station to a four outlet station. Way to go Phillip!

(To see the before shots, click here.)

Ceiling before Phillip did anything to it.

Ceiling primed and one coat of paint. This ceiling was in pretty decent shape, so he only had to do a little work to the plaster.

Walls have had new drywall. Some insulation is also added.

New baseboard cut and primed. Also a new 4 head electrical outlet.

The walls still need the painting finished. The windows need to get the decorative trim replaced and cut. Phillip also says there are a few electrical things that need to be completed. It looks like I am finally able to order my wall paper!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sad Goodbyes...

Hello Everyone!

First I want to thank you all that have contacted me to express their sincerity of the passing of my Grandmother Hazel. Many of my friends have heard the stories of my grandmother and her sometimes crazy and eccentric ways. I love her for all of those memories and will truly miss her. I was blessed with the chance to have one last conversation on the phone with her the night before she had passed. I thank God for that chance.

Another goodbye that makes me sad, though doesn't EVEN COMPARE, is the farewell to Domino magazine. This is old news by now, most of you probably found out about this news while I took last week off. It is true though, Domino will run one more issue before they forever close their doors. I am shocked that this happened since I know how so many people love this magazine. It is the only American magazine that is focused on realistic budgets and great decorating ideas, not like Elle Decor or Metropolitan Home, which have VERY HIGH DECOR BUDGETS. I have been a huge fan of Domino from the very first issue, and I haven not missed one single issue. I would get so excited when my Domino showed up in the mail every month. It was always a "good mail day". Sadly, with this weakened economy, Domino just could not get the advertisers they needed. Hopefully, with this door closing, another one will open soon.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Sorry For Missing This Week...

I will be back to normal next week.  I took this week off to spend time with Parker and to reflect.  My grandmother, Hazel, passed away last Saturday, so I have been a bit sad some days.  Hope you all have a great weekend.