Monday, February 9, 2009

Sad Goodbyes...

Hello Everyone!

First I want to thank you all that have contacted me to express their sincerity of the passing of my Grandmother Hazel. Many of my friends have heard the stories of my grandmother and her sometimes crazy and eccentric ways. I love her for all of those memories and will truly miss her. I was blessed with the chance to have one last conversation on the phone with her the night before she had passed. I thank God for that chance.

Another goodbye that makes me sad, though doesn't EVEN COMPARE, is the farewell to Domino magazine. This is old news by now, most of you probably found out about this news while I took last week off. It is true though, Domino will run one more issue before they forever close their doors. I am shocked that this happened since I know how so many people love this magazine. It is the only American magazine that is focused on realistic budgets and great decorating ideas, not like Elle Decor or Metropolitan Home, which have VERY HIGH DECOR BUDGETS. I have been a huge fan of Domino from the very first issue, and I haven not missed one single issue. I would get so excited when my Domino showed up in the mail every month. It was always a "good mail day". Sadly, with this weakened economy, Domino just could not get the advertisers they needed. Hopefully, with this door closing, another one will open soon.

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