Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Progress Report on Phillip's Latest Project...

As most of you know, Phillip has been working on the dining room of our house, which we will use as our family room once it is completed. He has come a long way since my first post. He has all ready dry walled most of the walls, patched holes, sanded plaster, primed and even replaced baseboards and began the first coat of paint! He has also changed out some outlets from a two outlet station to a four outlet station. Way to go Phillip!

(To see the before shots, click here.)

Ceiling before Phillip did anything to it.

Ceiling primed and one coat of paint. This ceiling was in pretty decent shape, so he only had to do a little work to the plaster.

Walls have had new drywall. Some insulation is also added.

New baseboard cut and primed. Also a new 4 head electrical outlet.

The walls still need the painting finished. The windows need to get the decorative trim replaced and cut. Phillip also says there are a few electrical things that need to be completed. It looks like I am finally able to order my wall paper!

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