Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Window Shade Project

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I had a momentary lapse of insanity and signed up for a How To Make Your Own Window Shade class. I was originally planning on making shades for the room that Phillip is currently working on. But once I tried to come up with a design concept and fabric choice I started to panic. I could not come up with a plan that I was happy with and I felt all sorts of pressure to hurry up and make a decision in time for my next class (class is every Wednesday night for 6 more weeks). I finally decided to make a shade for the library nook in our home. Keep in mind that Phillip probably won't even be able to work on this room until next winter, but I have all ready decided to wallpaper the small nook in one of the papers I was considering for the family room we are currently working on. With that decision made, a fabric choice and design came pretty easy. Now hopefully I will be able to make it look like a custom piece and not some cheap thing...we will see.
This wallpaper is designed by Nina Campbell. I love her designs, so traditional and very English...perfect for a library nook! With the black background on the paper as well as all of the dark wood molding from the fireplace and bookshelves, the space will be quite dark and cozy - completely opposite of the rest of the open main floor with the light blue walls and black and white wallpaper. The paper will be one of the first things guests will see upon entering the house, which will eventually set the tone for our home (once our house is done...someday...).

The shade fabric is from the new Amy Butler line. I am a huge fan of Amy's and have mentioned her a few times all ready on the blog. The fabric is actually light grey and white (not so creamy like on the above picture). I think this fabric will lighten up the darkness of the rest of the room - especially since the window is about 56"wide x 75"long! Directly under the window will probably be a mirrored vanity desk, which will also reflect a lot of light.

Goodness, I all ready have most of this room designed and furnished, and I haven't even begun the room Phillip is working on or finished the living room yet. It is so hard to focus on one room at a time...I am such a Gemini!

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