Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Video Wednesday

(Murder on the Dance Floor - Sophie Ellis Bextor)
Kelly introduced me to Sophie Ellis Bextor a few years back with this song, Murder on the Dance Floor. I luv, Love, LOVE this song. It is just so catchy! And the video cracks me up. Kelly always said that the video reminded him of me because I am so COMPETITIVE, especially on the dance floor. And come on, the part where they do the hustle cracks me up! By the way, love her shoes!! And the bracelets she is wearing. Sophie is always so stylish.

(If You Can't Do It When Your Young - Sophie Ellis Bextor)

I love Sophie's hair in this video. Now that my hair is finally getting back to normal (it was falling out like crazy after my pregnancy. My hair was really thin. I even had a bald spot!!), I hope that I can grow it out to style it like Sophie has here. I have always loved this style. Feminine, retro and classy. Angela, if you are reading this...please make a mental note the next time I see you at the salon. Thanks!! :)

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mental note stored. :)