Sunday, January 4, 2009

Wallpaper - What Do You Think?

I mentioned in the post below that I plan on wallpapering the wall Phillip's monstrous TV will be on. Hopefully, the paper will help prevent the TV from looking like one big black hole (or at least not so obvious). I thought that a printed wallpaper would cause a nice distraction to the TV...or perhaps a black background paper to help hide it. I don't plan on papering the whole wall - just framing a large section (maybe 10 feet or so) with picture molding like a large piece of artwork.

It was fun looking through all of the paper books, though I had a good idea of what I was looking for. I have narrowed it down to 6 possibilities.
This was the only paper from a line that I had not heard of before and unfortunately can not remember the name right now to share with you. The picture does not do it justice. The print is actually textured with some sort of foil that changes color as your perspective moves. One moment it is black on black, then blue, then green and here copper. This is by far the most masculine paper I selected. As suspected, it is one of Phillip's top choices so far. I thank the sales guy to suggesting it to me or I would never have found it.

I love this print because it is so busy. With so much going on, the TV will have to "fight the competition"to stand out-plus it uses a lot of the colors I am incorporating in my design on the lower level.
This is one of the papers I preselected before I went to the paper shop. It is from Designer's Guild. I am a HUGE fan of everything DG. Tricia Guild utilizes all of the traditional Rococo styling and mixes the prints and colors in such modern ways. In this paper, the little dots are a light gold. I think this paper would look so crisp against the light blue of our walls. Phillip really liked this paper as well.

A beautiful traditional looking paper from Nina Campbell. I thought with the black background, the TV would get a bit lost. Also, the white flowers lends to the crisp black and white feeling,but in a more subtle way than the previous paper. I also like the moss green in the leaves as I intend to incorporate that color with fabrics throughout the house.

Another Nina Campbell paper that I had preselected. This image is from the Domino Decorating Book. (By the way, I STRONGLY recommend getting this book if you spend any time decorating your house, no matter what your design level is.) I like this paper for all of the same reasons as the above paper, except this one has more light blue in it. That is nice since the walls of my living room and the family room are light blue.

This picture is very misleading. The background is black as well, but with more of a brown/red undertone. There is also silver foil in some of the flower leaves. I actually just added this one into the mix at the last minute, but I was surprised that Phillip has this listed as one of his possibilities.

I should get the actual samples in a week or so. Then we can actually hold them up to the space we will use them in with the wall color. Hopefully we will make a good decision. What are your thoughts? I would love to hear them. Email me or comment here on the blog.

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Kelly said...

Since I have seen your house I feel like I can say this . .
Go with your original pre-select.

I think it will go nicely with your living room and give you more options for future room makeovers.