Thursday, January 15, 2009

Do You Ever Look Up?

Oh My Goodness!!  I was in the kitchen feeding Parker breakfast just now and for some reason, I looked up.  What I saw absolutely grossed me out.  I noticed that the ceiling fan in my kitchen was piled with a ton of greasy dust, probably collected over the past 3 years or more.  I know I certainly did not clean it when I first moved in (morning sickness got in the way of a lot of my moving-in cleaning).  I realize that our house has pretty high ceilings, but this was unforgivable to not notice earlier.  I immediately thought of all of the entertaining we have done in our home and was mortified to think of all the people that might have noticed the filth but where too polite to say.  
Needless to say, today I am on a mission to look up EVERYWHERE.  So far, I am not liking what I see.  If you haven't looked up in your own home for a while, be prepared.  This stuff sneaks up on you! 

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