Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Am Seriously Crushing on these floral tights!

A while back, I read a post from Cherry Blossom Girl (a fantastic styled blog concerning all things vintage and french) regarding floral tights and instantly fell in love with the images. I have always loved this look. It is one you find in magazines often, but I have found it incredibly hard to find floral tights for grown women in the U.S. I think that leg wear is an excellent way for a woman to express her femininity and personal style. Unfortunately, unless you want grey, brown or black, it is difficult to find other colors, much less floral prints (now I realize that this past season or two there has been a bit more of a variety in leg wear then what us American women are used to seeing, but you know what I mean...).

But then the heavens parted and the flood gates opened! Urban Outfitters had the cutest pair of floral tights for sale - and I am getting them! Now if it will only get warm enough to wear them here in Minneapolis...

(Urban Outfitter.com - floral tights)

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Anonymous said...

i found these cuties:http://www.modcloth.com/store/Womens/Accessories/Socks+and+Tights/Antique+Blue+Rose+Tights