Saturday, January 10, 2009

What I Have Been Up To This Past Month - Part 4

At last, my final post about what we have been up to this past month while we were all sick.

I think I might have mentioned it before, but we did not get a Christmas tree this year.  I know, I know...a complete sin, especially for Parker's first Christmas.  Seriously, we were all too sick to go get a tree.  I did not want to take Parker out in this cold.  I kept thinking "soon", but soon never came.  Luckily, Santa did not have to worry about merchandising his gifts too much since Parker won't remember it anyways.  I will be ready for next year though...I finally broke down and purchased a really nice fake tree.  I know, I know...a fake tree does not sound like me.  But seriously, who wants to go out looking for a stupid tree in this weather?  Apparently, it is sooo cold here that the tree branches are frozen while the tree is tied up.  You need to let the tree stand upright for a couple of days without the ties before you can decorate need to let your tree thaw out!  What in the world!!!  I certainly never had to do THAT in Vegas.  Boy, the things I never appreciated when I lived in Sin City.
I think it is safe to say that he was pretty excited about his new sweatsuit.

Lucky boy...most of the presents were for him.  All of you were VERY generous to him.  Parker thanks you all.  It ended up taking Parker 3 whole days to open everything.

My sister, being the rocker chick that she is, got him this little drum and music set.  It is one of those toys that he loves and I don't.  Let's just say, "Where's the aspirin?"

The boys on Christmas morning.  

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