Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our Vacation to Antigua, Caribbean - Part 3

Can you believe that the above two pictures are taken right outside our front door?!? Just beautiful!! I loved being able to see the ocean first thing.

This cute little phone booth was also right outside our door. I just couldn't resist taking some pictures. You don't really see these cute booths anywhere, at least not in the U.S.

Below are a few pictures of the hotel's landscape. It was so lush. Lots of greenery everywhere!

(The hotel's local restaurant, The Coconut Grove. Great rum punch!!)

The above Royal Palm is apparently a direct descendant from a true "ROYAL" palm. Apparently the palm is a seedling from a palm that belonged to one of the Queens...I think it was Elizabeth, but I can't remember for sure. The owner took the seedling and planted this palm here.

This is the hotel's owner and me in front of one of the really cool trees on the property. I loved this man. He is so elegant. Listening to him talk, he spoke like Keith Richards, with a thick accent and a slur...just the right mix of "proper British air" with a twist of Andy Warhol 70's glam. Loved it!!

(Phillip and I in front of the really cool tree.)

This is the beach right outside the hotel property. Imagine walking on this every day. Bliss!

All over the property were these little lizards. I thought they were too cute. Of course I had to take a picture.

I have one more post of vacation pictures coming soon, as well as some of the kitchen project we are now working on.

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