Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our Vacation to Antigua - Part 4

I just love these pictures. On the last day, Phillip and I finally found a place that had good beach snorkeling. It took about an hour to drive there, but it was very scenic. Once we got to the beach, we had to hike over these rocky cliffs to get over to a small little cove that we had all to ourselves! The snorkeling was very different from what Phillip and I had ever seen before. Most of the coral was colorless. It felt like we were swimming over a bone yard - very eerie.

Driving in Antigua was more than a bit of a challenge. Every time Phillip and I got into the car, we would argue. Driving was just so stressful. It didn't matter who was driving. The roads were very narrow (you can't tell from this picture) and curvy. There were potholes - no, I mean CRATERS - everywhere. The locals drove like it was the Indie 500 (not an exaggeration) running me off of the road (no, I was not driving like a Grandma). To add to all of the stress, animals would jumped out in front of my car. And it didn't help that Phillip was a backseat driver (I hate that). The whole driving thing was very tense.

(Brandie in front of a gorgeous church in Dickenson's Bay.)

As we were driving, we came across this gorgeous church in Dickenson's Bay. It is really just a modest church - not like the grand ones seen in Europe and such - but the colors were unlike anything I have ever seen, in person or in picture books. And the red roof against the blue sky!!! I didn't want to stop looking. I tried to peek inside, but there were people praying. I didn't want to be disrespectful...darn my Mama for raising me with manners!!

Phillip and I were happy to get back home. We missed Parker. But it was nice to get away and relax. We are all ready trying to decide where to go for our next trip. Any suggestions?

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