Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Apple Picking

This weekend we did a perfect Fall activity - we went apple picking! We drove out about 45 minutes to Applewood Orchard and met up with a group of families we sometimes meet up with. Even though the weather man predicted a storm, the weather was perfect - crisp and cool, with no sign of rain. We could not have asked for a more perfect day.
There were a ton of different varieties to choose from, but we were only interested in the Honey Crisp apples. Apparently, the Honey Crisp apples have been "created" right here in Minnesota. When we first moved out here, we heard A LOT of hype about these apples. But come on, what is the big deal? They are JUST apples. Let me tell you...unlike the much hyped Deep Fried Oreo, these apples DO live up to the hype. Phillip and I both flipped for these juicy temptations. (That is saying a lot coming from someone that has been burned out on apples ever since the third grade when she lived on an orchard and her mother made her eat anything that was made out of apples.) We made sure to pick a lot of apples since they are only available for a short time. I promise, if you are fortunate enough to find them in your grocery store, get them! They are worth the extra cash.
The day ended with Phillip juggling and a tractor pulled hayride. Now, what to do with all of the apples...

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Jen H. said...

Adorable pictures! What fun! The whole thing makes me think of a Robert Frost poem -- the perfect fall afternoon and the simple beauty of an apple!