Sunday, September 28, 2008

Paper Tiger

I saw this on my friend Jennifer's blog, and it looked like fun. You use your ipod's shuffle feature to answer the list of questions. (Read through to the end so the title of the post makes sense!). Some of the random answers are pretty funny.

If someone says “is this okay,” you say? Heartbreak Beat
How would you describe yourself? Touched by the Hand of God
How do you feel today? Stay Now
What do your parents think of you? Laid
What do you often think about? Love Cats
What do you think of the person you love? I Want You
What is your life story? Should the World Fail to Fall Apart
What do you want to be when you grow up? Can't Feel a Thing
What will you dance to at your wedding? Tantalized
What is your biggest fear? Hope Your Happy Now
What is your biggest secret? Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid
What do you think of your friends? Mine for Life
What did you see outside your window today? Indian Song
What motivates you? Fade Together
How would you describe your high school years? Sooner Then You Think
What are your hopes for the future? Sour Times
How would you describe the way you look? Evil and a Heathen
What is the purpose of your blog? Souvenir
What goal are you currently working on? Firesuite
What will the title of this post be? Paper Tiger

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Jen H. said...

Hilarious! Some of the answers are especially funny!