Thursday, August 28, 2008

Deep Fried Oreos

(Photograph by Matthew Klein)
I am sure that ALL of you are just dying to know about the deep fried Oreo cookies at the State Fair. I almost left the fair without trying them. We were at the fair for 5 hours and I could not find the booth that sold these yummy treats. Then low and behold, on our way out, I saw it. I heard the angels singing while the heavens cast a spot light on this booth that made magical, sweet treats. I waited in line with great anticipation, my mouth salivating at the prospect of these wonderful Oreo cookies. I finally placed my order, waited for them to be made fresh, and took my first highly anticipated bite. (Great pause) YUCK! I could barely get one down. I wasted my calorie count on that?!? What was I thinking?!? DEEP FRIED OREOS!?! That just does not sound good. I should have saved the calories for the scrumptious hush puppies I saw around the corner...

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Jen H. said...

Not to be a sourpuss, but I'm glad the Oreos were bad. I've had a grudge against Oreos since I was a little kid who mailed in her winning ticket from the package (a replica of a gold was during the Olympics), only to have that medal NEVER arrive. In protest, I haven't eaten an Oreo since!