Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Video Wednesday - Coldplay

I am a huge Coldplay fan. I love just about every song I have hear them sing...on CD. I saw them live back when the Parachutes album was just getting big and I have to say I was hugely disappointed. Chris had the personality of a rock and the band clearly didn't have it together to play the venue they were at. This Friday, Phillip and I are giving them another chance. I hope that after all of the practice they have had, they will put on a better show. I will let you know.

The first video, Lovers in Japan, is from their new album. I have to say, I love what their stylist has done with their look for this new album. I love the banded colors on their arms and such. It definitely was a unique statement in the beginning.

The second video, The Scientist, is one of my top favorite Coldplay songs and definitely one of my top favorite videos of all time. It is so haunting and simple. I have seen it several times but only now just noticed something at the very end. The woman took off her seat belt just for a moment to remove her coat right before the car accident. I can't tell you how many times I have done that. Now I might think twice.

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