Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our Weekend

This weekend, Parker stayed the night at a friends house. He absolutely loves staying there. He is always so tired when he comes home. My guess is from all of the constant interaction he gets. Between our friend Deb and her husband and kids, Parker doesn't have a moment to play by himself...and he loves it!

My shopping trip with the girls was great. We were at the mall from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. I know that is a LONG time. There was a private sale at Sephora (my favorite beauty store) that I wanted to go to. My girlfriend Katie and I even got makeovers. All day she walked around with a really pretty blue eyeshadow (not the 80's kind) and I had rocker chic heavy eye-liner. If you have seen the last two episodes of Gossip Girl where Little Jenny has totally rocked out her look, then you know what my eye make up looked like. It was a lot more than both Katie and I were used to, but it looked really good. Darn, it didn't occur to me until just now that we should have taken a picture!

Phillip took the afternoon that he had to himself to play poker at some card hall he found. He played for 6 hours and left with enough winnings to pay for our dinner that evening! Now if he could have won a bit more to cover my shopping...

All in all, we had a nice weekend. Even though we spent most of it separated, it was still nice to go back to who we were before Parker. By 12:00 pm on Sunday, we were both ready to pick up Parker and see his smiling face. I hate not seeing him all day and night. As soon as we walked into the door, he gave us a big smile.


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