Thursday, October 23, 2008

Spoiler Altert! - Top Design

I have been watching the show from the beginning, but never had a chance to blog about it in time before the next episode. That is unfortunate, because I, of course, have a lot to say about it!

-First - did anyone see that awesome belt buckle that J.A. was wearing during the Pop Challenge? It was this big, old looking skeleton key. J'adorable (as J.A. would say)! I want to find one for Phillip because he needs this cool buckle. I wonder if there is a way I can make one...hmmm...

-I am SO OVER Ricky Schroeder! If I cared about him, I would be watching Silver Spoon reruns on TV. He was so 1985...who cares about him and his made for TV movies? Big whoop!

-Can you believe that Eddie had the NERVE to call J.A an ELF!! Who does Eddie think he is...oh yeah - he thinks he is Martha Stewart reincarnate. You know, Martha is the BEST DESIGNER of all time after all (wink, wink). I swear I just want to jump into the TV a slap that little smirk off of his face. If he worked for my company, I would be embarrassed by his catty behaviour. Do I really care that he gets to ride in Martha's plane? No...that doesn't make him a better designer. All that means is that he has an interesting job.

-Speaking of Eddie, as much as I hate to say it, I felt the judges were a little overly harsh on his room. Don't get me wrong - I hated it. But the room did have great moments. I think it all fell apart when he discovered the Martha Stewart Showroom...all of the furniture totally was too dark and pulled the room into this depressing state. Margaret was 100% right when she said that he made such a GORGEOUS chandelier look cheap. It takes a lot of "skill" to ruin something so beautiful that can really stand on its own. One word for his room - YAWN!

-I am on an Eddie kick right now...remember in the beginning of this competition he said that he wanted a more modern dining room for a wealthy, young couple? But at the end, he said that he always wanted a traditional/modern room? Uh...which was it, Eddie? Do you even know what modern is? Give me a call sometime Eddie and I will tell you what modern is. By the way, Eddie, maybe you should pay a bit more attention to the judges advice...they know a lot more than you do...that is why they are judges!

-I am SO OVER Indea Hicks. I have never been a fan of hers. I don't like most of her designs and I am not a big fan of her product line either. So her father was a great designer...he was fun and much more interesting than her. She is so regal that she has a stick up her butt! And by the way Indea, I have seen tons of photo shoots with sofas pulled up to a dining room table. It isn't all that weird.

-Did anyone notice the dirty look that Margaret tried to hide when Simon (I love him, by the way) asked Eddie if he had any regrets about the room? Margaret would lose big money at the poker table. She doesn't hide her feelings well at all.

-What the heck, Ondine!?! How can you take such a beautiful chandelier and make it get lost in a room? I'll tell you how - by putting a lot of CRAP all over the place with no rhyme or reason! Way TOO MUCH stuff going on. I get that she wants to be global and eclectic, but let's remember the great words once said by Chanel...always remove one accessory before you walk out the door. Ondine just had too much stuff competing for attention...the chandelier got lost in all of it. By the way, when I look at that chandelier, the last thing that pops into my mind is global. Where did that come from?

-I am glad that we finally got our blessed visit from Simon, but why wasn't he the guest judge on the window display? After all, he is the Godfather of window design.

-Where was Kelly? I missed her. :(

-I am glad Preston won. I was torn between he and Nathan room. I loved the orange chairs that Preston chose. He is excellent at balance and scale. Very polished. But he is a one-note Charlie. Another Boutique Hotel Lobby/Lounge? Black walls again? Preston, I want you to step out of your comfort zone and give me something that shocks me!

-Andrea, some advice...grow a spine!!!! I am sure that Ondine wanted to jump out at you with all claws out and slap you upside your head. I know I did.

-I LOVED/HATED Nathan's room. I love the light he chose the best. I loved the big reminded me of a Goldfrapp video I once saw (I will try and find it for you). His room was just SO BITCHY...there is no other way to put it. The wall was so in your face. I think I would have liked it a lot more if the colors for the mural were not so garish and contrasting with one another. But it all totally worked in some crazy way. I would love to be friends with Nathan. He is such an out of the box thinker.

I told you I had a lot to say!

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Jen H. said...

Eddie is a big fat whiny baby. He thinks he's all that and a bag of chips in a Martha Stewart tote from Kmart. You're right -- he would've been better off without the Martha furniture. I did like his Pop Design room, so he has skills. He seriously needs to learn to take criticism; you can tell JA can't stand him -- I love to watch the judges' expressions! I wish Andrea could've toughened up and stuck with it. She's not as bad as she thinks she is. She'd probably go home in the next week or so, but she wouldn't have to see herself as a quitter. I like Nathan a lot, but those judges practically want to jump in bed with him, it seems.