Thursday, October 23, 2008

Our U.P. Visit on Labor Day

(Jinga, Phillip & Parker in the Great Lake)

It had just occurred to me (as I was going through the never ending project of organizing pictures...yes, family...I am STILL working on the next series of Parker picture CDs) that I never shared with you any pictures of our trip over Labor Day to our friends cabin in the Upper Peninsula (locals refer to it as the U.P.). I think I mentioned that Parker was sick with his first cold and was quite unhappy the first day or so. I was disappointed that he was sick because I was excited to take him swimming for the first time. Of course that didn't happen, but we did get to take a stroll out to the Great Lake (only a few yards away from the cabin).

(Parker and Phillip. Parker is wearing a great big floppy sun hat. He has his Daddy's pale complexion.)

Pete, or I should say all pugs, don't particularly like swimming. They are too top-heavy (like a bull dog) and they just sink. However, after Pete spent some time at Doggy "Camp" this summer, his "camp supervisors" told me that he was in the kiddy pool every day playing with the other small dogs. The water above is very shallow, but still too deep for Pete to walk, forcing him to practice his swimming skills.

(Dogs playing on beach)

The dogs LOVE visiting the cabin - especially Jinga. They get to run around a nice size piece of land. Jinga loves to run out in the morning as soon as someone wakes up and take a swim. The huge lake is right out the front door, so she is completely blissed out.

This is view of the cabin standing from the beach. You can't see the cabin, but it is right in the middle of all those tress. The clearing you see in the center is where everyone hangs out at night at the bonfire and looks at the stars...or the guys play with fireworks. Boys will be boys - always wanting to blow something up.

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