Friday, October 3, 2008

It's Finally October!

I hope you are ready! Now that it is October, I will be talking non-stop about Halloween. I am sure you thought I was all ready talking about it a bit too much, but trust me - that was nothing! For this year, I am planning a small Gothic Dinner Party, Trick or Treating and a Tot's Halloween Party for the Family Group we belong to.

To be quite honest, I am nervous about the Tot's Party. I know how to entertain adults and maybe even young kids...but how on earth do you entertain a bunch of kids 3 years and younger? Luckily, the number of kids will be small and one of my friend's will be helping me figure it all out. But if you have any suggestions, please send them my way.

I found this easy decoration on Martha All you need is some garbage bags and a bit of time! I think the overall look is pretty spooky. I plan on doing this to my porch. It may not look quite what I am hoping for because Phillip still has the porch on stilts and such, but I hope that with a bit of other magical touches, it will send a chill up my trick or treater's spines.

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