Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"Stick" it to Me!

More about the State Fair...first I must begin by saying that this post is NOT an exaggeration. ..

It was painstakingly obvious that the main thing the fair was about was the fair food. Now, I do love fair/carnival food. It is usually fried, greasy, and generally bad for you (IE. deep fried Oreos). There is something about the fair environment that makes it fun to eat something so greasy and bad for you. It isn't like I would ever dream of eating this Lard filled food on a normal day. But on a fair day...you just have to participate in the gluttony.

In these sorts of environments, you will usually find little kiosks or carts selling different foods. Once in while, you will come across a vendor that went a little "arty" and has some sort of cute display or striped awning and such. But at this fair...well, it was a bit like the Las Vegas strip...and I can say that since I was born and raised in Las Vegas.

You can't tell in the photo, but there were lights all over this sign. It was crazy big and glitzy! (The fries were pretty good too)

The craziest thing though was the obsession of food on a stick. Yeah, yeah...fairs always have food on a stick - corn dogs, cheese sticks...but do they have spaghetti and meatballs? Pork chops and sweat potatoes? Seriously - I am NOT kidding! It was like everyone was trying to come up with the craziest idea and putting it on a stick.

(Pork chops on a stick, pizza on a stick, fruit on a stick, Scotch eggs and meatballs on a stick)

It was so ridiculous that Phillip and I made it our mission to find the weirdest thing on a stick. We narrowed it down to two:

Teriyaki Ostrich on a stick and boulders on a stick (an advertisement for a local landscaping company).

Of course, the food vendors wouldn't be complete without good old Spam...


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