Friday, June 19, 2009

The Good Old Days!

(Me, Kristyn, and Jessica)
What a riot! A girlfriend from high school just sent me these photos. The one above is the summer of 1989, right after we graduated. We went to San Diego for some celebrating. The hair and the outfits crack me up. Could our shorts BE any longer (and not in the good way)?

(Brandie, Jennifer, and Jessica)

This picture was taken in 1994. We were having lunch at the Ceasar's Forum in Las Vegas (where we all live(d) ). I remember this day well because I had just gotten my hair cut off and I was heart-broken. I hated this hair cut! It was supposed to look like a cute pixie cut and ended up looking like Pat Benatar. I blame my beloved Kelly for this mess. He had been bugging me for years to get my hair cut off, telling me I could carry the look. Kelly knows that if he bugs me enough and strikes on me when the mood is right, he could basically convince me to jump off a cliff if he wanted. Don't deny it Kelly. You know it is true!

God, I look so young. We all did. Well, Jennifer essentially looks the same. I swear that girl doesn't age one bit. She should be a spokesperson for Noxema or something. I have always been jealous of her skin and squeaky clean face.


Jen H. said...

You are too kind with the "squeaky clean" comment, Brandie! The down side of never changing is that I've had the same hair cut and clothing style for 20 years too. Boring! I remember you with so many different haircuts and hair colors; you aren't afraid to try anything once! And you still look great after all these years!

Kelly said...

Ps. I stand by the hair cut. I though it looked good.