Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cute Kate Spade Dresses and Such!

Did you know that Kate Spade sells clothing and jewelry as well? I suppose the line is becoming more popular because I have noticed a significant increase in items this season than I have in the past. And of course, I absolutely LOVE it! The clothing is so completely Kate. Vintage. Colorful. Cheeky. Notice the cute little pom-pom trim at the hemline on the zebra dress? And that pink and orange dress makes me want to throw on some Frank Sinatra and make a martini!

Even her blouses are adorable. This top looks like it came right out of the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's. I would wear this top to death. I love it with matchstick jeans as well as with a pencil skirt and bright, lipstick red heels.

My absolute favorite piece is the cute zebra keyfob. I actually have been looking for a keyfob because Phillip keeps taking my keys instead of his and it drives me CRAZY. This one is so funny. I love the fact that the view of the zebra is from behind!

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