Saturday, November 8, 2008

Have a Great Weekend!

I am looking forward to this weekend. Tomorrow, Parker is staying the night at one of our friend's house. He has occasionally slept over there and has had a lot of fun, so we will see. It is definitely much needed on mine and Phillip's side. I am spending the day with the girls at shopping. It is a real treat to go shop without Parker. I will actually get to try clothes on! I think Phillip is planning on going to the local casino and play a few hands of poker. Later, he and I will get to have a real grown-up evening with a nice dinner and get to sleep in on Sunday! Yahoo! much as I crave adult time, I miss Parker after a couple of hours. I especially hate not being able to give him a kiss good night. But I just keep telling myself that these sleep overs are good for both Parker and me.
Hope your weekend is great! Any exciting plans?

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