Thursday, October 9, 2008

Spooky Walls Murals and Frustrating Spider Webs

I love, Love, LOVE this Halloween wall mural from Pottery Barn - so sophisticated and creepy at the same time. Plus it is in my favorite Halloween color pallet - Black and white. Unfortunately, it look like it is all ready sold out! I guess that means that I won't be purchasing it on the big day after Halloween sales (those sales are always my FIRST priority on November 1st).

In case you are as obsessed with Halloween as I am, I provided a link to some great Halloween decorating inspirations from one of my favorite bloggers, Create My Event. Check it out...she will be doing a whole series this week on Halloween. YEAH!

As for me...well, I am all ready stressing. This is the first time I have tried to pull off any sort of festive get-together since I have had Parker, and let me tell you it is HARD! It literally took me all day yesterday just to get the bar somewhat decorated and organized. Hanging a spider web is quite impossible when I have to put the spider web down every 30 seconds to move him away from something harmful. It is my own fault really...I still haven't gotten around to baby proofing our downstairs area. I figured What's the point? Until Phillip puts all of his tools away from his porch project (which he won't do until the winter sets in or he finishes the can guess which one will happen first), baby proofing downstairs kind-of doesn't matter.

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