Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Why Can't We Copywright Names?

(Picture from People magazine)
Sorry I missed the last two days...Parker has been waking up a lot in the middle of the night and I just can't seem to get enough energy to do much else other than function because of it.

Who does Clay think he is?? Naming his son Parker and all!! Now, I know that I did not dream up the name and such, but we know how it goes. As soon as everyone hears what celebrities name their kids, everyone wants to copy. I haven't met a bunch of Parker's in my lifetime, so I thought we might be safe just meeting one here and there over the years. But Clay had to go and ruin it! As it is, when people ask me what my son's name is, they always comment that they like the name and don't hear it that can just tell that they put it in their "mental list" for later when they are choosing a name for their child. But thank you Clay - now it will be all over the media again. And with the latest accessory this fall being a little baby or a baby bump, you can bet that there will be a lot more Parkers. I swear it will be the whole Lisa Loeb and the eye glasses thing all over again (I said it 100 times before I had my eyeglasses WAY BEFORE Lisa anyone knew who she was when she came out with that stupid song "Stay" from Reality Bites).

Now about the article - who cares that Clay is gay? Didn't we know that all ready? Why does it even have to be an issue. Let him be and live his life. If some celebrity were to announce "Yes - I'm straight!" do you think it would merit a cover on People? It should only be news to people that know him and love him.

Besides all that - who really cares about Clay anymore anyway? I have always been a fan...but come on...he's doing Spamalot. I am sure Brittany is doing something far more interesting.

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Jen H. said...

I thought Ethan was going to be the perfect name. Unique enough, but not out there weird. So much for that theory. There are Ethans all over the playgrounds and at the schools. With a name like Jennifer, I know what it is like to have every third kid at your school share the same name.