Friday, September 12, 2008

The Big Poop Explosion of 2008

This is what I getting for being a little bit "cheap"...

Phillip brought home some diapers from work that he got for free (he sometimes gets to bring home so freebies). The diapers were of various sizes. In the mix, he had a few size 2 diapers. Now Parker is wearing size 3 nowadays, but since they were free (and diapers are sooo expensive) I tried the size 2 on Parker. They were snug, but not obviously too small. I figured that I could use the size 2 during the day - you know, save a couple bucks and use the freebies. Well...

Parker took his afternoon nap. After a bit of time, he woke up like he always does, happy and in a great mood. I walked into his room and saw an awful sight - poop was EVERYWHERE!!! It was NASTY! The mess was all over his bed sheets, in the crib bars, all over his clothes... in order to take his clothes off of him, as hard as I tried to prevent it, he got poop on his little face. And don't feel sorry for just Parker. While dealing with all of this, I got plenty of poop on me too! It was disgusting!! Nasty!! Stinky!! I thought I would vomit!! As soon as we was stripped, into the tub he went.
Parker took the whole thing in stride...he thought it was funny.
That is what I get for trying to save a buck. Naturally, I no longer have the size 2 diapers anymore.

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