Friday, August 22, 2008


I know it is "early", but I am all ready so excited for Halloween. It is definitely tied with Christmas for my favorite holiday. Actually, I may even love Halloween more. I spent all of last weekend going through my collection of Halloween decorations to get them organized and ready. Last year, I didn't get my Halloween fix since we had just moved to Minneapolis and I was pregnant. Phillip and I usually host a party and go all out for the event. I am not sure if we will do a party yet this year, but I know that I am going to go all out for our little Trick or Treaters!

Our old house in Boise was located in a great family neighborhood. You would think that I would have tons of kids knocking on my door - but I didn't get one! Not even the little girl across the street!! And believe me - I went all out for decorations and even bought the BIG candy candy corn at my house! Unfortunately, a couple blocks up from our house was this street of HUGE money homes. The whole street would go all out for the event. Seriously - some of these homes would even hire actors to play zombies and such for the grave yard scenes. Police had to monitor traffic because the entire city would trick or treat on that street. It was actually really cool and I loved watching all of the kids get so excited about it. But alas, as hard as I tried, my little old house just could not compete. But this year...!

Last year I had 40 kids - almost all of them little. I felt so bad because I barely carved a pumpkin for them. This year, they are in for a treat! I have BIG plans! I am determined to be known as the coolest house to visit for Halloween.

Last year, I purchased this 6 foot mummy at Grandin Road. I am going to place him next to my door to welcome the kids.

I also got these ghosts from Grandin Road. Very EERIE! Just imagine them next to a cemetery scene with some fog...

Check out Grandin Road's Halloween Haven shop for more fun products.( ) Be sure to check them out after Halloween when they have their big sale - that is how I purchased my cool mummy.

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